Code Space

Creative Coding Examples

This course is for everyone who wants to continue their journey with creative coding. To get better, you'll need to understand concepts like lists and objects, and how they apply to creative coding.

Again this will be a very hands-on, visual introduction to coding; we'll create a number of small practical apps that demonstrate why we need lists and objects: a fun typing game; a moodboard maker that talks to Unsplash to get images; a drawing app that can animate our squiggles.

All our projects will run on the web. We'll extend our knowledge of p5.js and our general knowledge of coding.



This course assumes you've followed the Creative Coding Basics course, or are somewhat familiar with the basics of p5.js and coding, like variables, loops and conditions. We'll work with Visual Studio Code and Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Next Steps

Again, we really recommend Dan Shiffman's The Coding Train series on YouTube. Also check out his Nature of Code book (which you can read for free online).