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Ever wanted to create entire cities or worlds in 3D? Using a procedural approach, you describe the rules of what your world should look like, and the software generates infinite variations to populate your world.

This technique is used for effects in films and series, game design, motion graphics and much more! Houdini's procedural approach to 3D opens the door to new kinds of results and invites exploration. The app looks daunting but in this introduction we'll guide you through it gently.

The course is taught by Sint Lucas alumni Wout Bosschaert, who designs projects for the MOMU and teaches at DAE.

Even if you're never worked with 3D before, this course is interesting as an alternative approach to modeling that opens up your mind to new possibilities.



This course is for people who are beginners to Houdini. Please make sure to download and install the program first, you can register and download here.

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